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Memgraph Documentation

Explore Memgraph's open-source products through detailed tutorials, how-to and reference guides.

docker run -it -p 7687:7687 -p 7444:7444 -p 3000:3000 memgraph/memgraph-platform

The Memgraph ecosystem

The core of the Memgraph Ecosystem is a fast in-memory graph database written in C++ that can help you deliver real-time performance for both transactional and analytical graph workloads at scale.
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In-browser data analysis

Memgraph Cloud
Check out Memgraph Cloud - a cloud service fully managed on AWS and available in 6 geographic regions around the world. Memgraph Cloud allows you to create projects with Enterprise instances of MemgraphDB from your browser.
Memgraph Lab
Visualize graphs and play with queries to understand your data. Memgraph Lab is a user interface that helps you explore and manipulate the data stored in Memgraph. Visualize graphs, execute ad hoc queries, and optimize their performance.

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